Your Local Tire Specialist

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

With our recent move to Waukesha in March of 2020 we also made some investments into state-of-the-art equipment that many shops do not have in house.

Our alignment rack is now in ground making it a flush drive on service rack. No longer fear taking your lowered or classic car in and having damaged done trying to get it up the ramps. We take pride in our top of the line Hunter Alignment system.

With newer technology on the rise tires are not as simply installed as they used to be. Aluminum rims are not forgiving to old tire machines that can scratch the exterior. Our new Coates tire machine is built to service many custom rims safely.

As stated previously new vehicles tires are not meant for old standard equipment. We also can Road Force Balance your tires! No more wasted money on a standard balance, we take pride in knowing tires leaving our shop are balanced perfectly every time.

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